Train the Trainer

Rouba can provide training to companies or individuals in the following discipline

Food Safety

  • She will teach you the little tricks and the ins and outs of the industry to ensure the utmost compliance with the necessary food safety regulations.
  • She will coach you on all the hacks for the basic and advanced way to handle food hygiene tailored to your specialty whether you are a food handler, a supervisor, a chef, quality assurance personnel, a mother, or someone with an interest in hospitality management.
  • She will ensure that you end up mastering the knowledge needed to handle food hygiene from cleaning food to cooking and storing it.

Health and Nutrition

Have a new year’s resolution? Want to grasp health by its horns and start a healthy lifestyle? Want to lose weight? Want to be a better mom and feed your kids healthily? You are a group of friends and want to motivate each other for a healthier living? Rouba can provide you with the workshops that teach you about the following:

  • How to easily follow a healthy lifestyle
  • How to choose what to cook healthily
  • How to snack healthily
  • How to make healthy choices

All what is needed for you to learn to incorporate it in your daily lifestyle and your natural eating habits